The New Mazda Lineup Has Your Back

January 7th, 2015 by

If you’ve ever wished that you could acquire the 360-degree vision of a Chameleon (and all the other cool stuff they have, chameleons really came out on top with neat natural features), we have the next best thing here at Courtesy Mazda with Mazda’s i-ACTIVSENSE safety and security features, including the Chameleon-worthy Blind Spot Monitoring.

The “blind spot”, for those who may not know, is the area that encompasses the sides and rear of the vehicle where your rear-view and side-view mirrors may not be able to adequately reflect other vehicles. Modern cars are typically built to decrease that blind spot as much as possible, but even the best drivers can still come up blind.

New Mazda models are available with the i-ACTIVSENSE suite and BSM. Radar sensors near the back of the vehicle send out signals and wait for them to bounce back, indicating an obstacle within the blind spot. When the BSM system registers a vehicle, a warning light appears on the side mirror. If the driver signals a turn or merge while there is an obstruction in the blind spot, the light will flash and warning beeps will sound.

To try out the BSM system in a new Mazda, come to Courtesy Mazda in Longmont, CO. Drive a vehicle that really is looking out for you.

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